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Our Sourcing Approaches

We consistently aim to provide exceptional value to our customers by leveraging our portfolio. Our strong relationships with manufacturers and distributors enable us to secure accreditations and better discounts for our customers, while our expert procurement team excels in competitive tendering.

Our team, including experienced account managers, technical specialists, and security consultants, specialises in providing sustainable solutions tailored to the unique needs of Private Sector, NHS, Local, and Central Government customers.

Recognised on Public Sector Frameworks

MTI is authorised supplier on many public sector frameworks, providing our customers with a streamlined procurement process, enhanced compliance and governance and reduced administrative burden by taking advantage of established contractual terms and conditions and pricing structure.

Our dedicated team, comprised of experienced account managers, technical specialists, and highly qualified security consultants, specialises in offering sustainable, robust cyber security data solutions tailored to the unique needs of a diverse clientele, including Private Sector businesses, NHS, Local, and Central Government entities. We understand that protecting your business against cyber threats is paramount.

Therefore, our approach involves a comprehensive assessment of your current security posture, followed by the implementation of bespoke solutions designed to fortify your digital defences effectively.

Our top-tier partnerships enable us to provide you with market-leading hybrid infrastructure solutions

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