Comprehensive Cyber Security Penetration (PEN) Testing

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MTI’s extensive 35 years experience makes us one of the longest standing security providers in the UK and gives our customers the peace of mind that their testing requirements are in safe hands.
Comprehensive cyber security penetration (PEN) testing

Why MTI for Penetration Testing?

MTI are one of the founding CREST members, and one of the longest-standing UK providers.

With  MTI, you can rest easy knowing that our extensive experience in conducting penetration testing on both internal and internet-facing infrastructure will provide you with the best possible protection against cyber threats.

MTI and our parent company, Ricoh, invest heavily every year to ensure our testers have the latest commercial and private tools, exploits and frameworks and are fully trained in the latest techniques to ensure we carry out our tests in the most efficient, accurate and reliable manner.

Security Testing Areas:


Web Application Health Check

Web applications are often the first port of call for a malicious attack. Due to the large volumes of traffic directed towards most web applications, malicious attacks often go unnoticed until they are successful and adverse effects are experience.


External Health Check

Our service is designed to help strengthen the security of your external facing infrastructure and identify vulnerabilities where equipment or services could be compromised or breached by an attacker. 


Internal Health Check

Strengthen the security of your internal network by identifying vulnerabilities where equipment or services could be compromised or breached by an attacker. Our comprehensive report not only identifies potential vulnerabilities but also provides practical solutions to remediate them.


Cloud Health Check

Built on our long standing experience in traditional penetration testing we can evaluate cloud provider platforms and configurations to determine where issues or insecure configurations may exist.


Vulnerability Assessment

Identify the most vulnerable systems and prolific vulnerabilities on your network as the primary step to securing workstations, servers, routers, switches and more.

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Identify & Protect

We can identify vulnerabilities and weaknesses in your company’s security infrastructure. This information can be used to mitigate risk, reduce the likelihood of a security breach, and protect sensitive information.

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Get Ahead, Stay Ahead

With our specialised  expertise we can provide you access to  comprehensive testing services that will ensure all aspects of your organisations IT infrastructure are thoroughly tested, from application security to network vulnerabilities.

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Compliance by default

Conducting security testing will assist your company in meeting compliance requirements, giving you peace of mind that you are operating within regulatory guidelines.

The Importance of Penetration Testing

Penetration testing provides a snapshot of the current security profile of your organisation. Every organisation will have an IT environment of some kind, from basic internet access and e-mail to fully functional cloud and web-based applications, often with sensitive or valuable data being processed.

Any compromise of these systems represents not only a network breach but also the risk of unauthorised data access. This can be seen as a significant public failure in terms of trust, reputation and confidence and can threaten the stability of the organisation.

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Safeguarding Your Success

Implementing security testing for your organisation is crucial to protect sensitive data, comply with regulations, build trust with customers, avoid costly downtime, and maintain a good reputation.

Regularly conducting security testing with MTI helps identify and address vulnerabilities in your company’s systems and infrastructure, preventing cyberattacks and data breaches. With a comprehensive plan to manage and mitigate risks, we can provide peace of mind and ensure the security of your organisation’s sensitive information.

Penetration testing proactively assesses not only IT equipment such as servers, workstations, mobile devices, web applications, and network design but also the working practices of IT staff and users to identify vulnerabilities or weaknesses. The results provide a snapshot of your IT security profile and any vulnerabilities, along with relevant remediation advice.


35 Year Pedigree

As lifelong member of global cyber security body, CREST, we have developed a deep understanding of the tactics employed by malicious   users to infiltrate corporate   networks, allowing us to identify and mitigate any risks to your business.


Unrivalled Expertise

Our professional services team can  swiftly and effectively implement  remediation measures to ensure  your organisation is fully  protected.


Tailored Solutions

Whether your infrastructure is on-premises or in the cloud, MTI’s  expertise is at your service to keep  your business safe and secure.


The MTI  team who  conducted  the  penetration testing  services  in  our  organisation  were  not  only  respectful  but  also  an  absolute  delight  to  work  with.  Their  exceptional  professionalism  made  my job  extremely  easy,  and  I  couldn’t  have  asked  for better service. They delivered the results within the expected timeframe and exceeded our expectations. If  we  require  any  further  penetration  testing,  it would be our pleasure to work with them again.

 Kaelan Silver Sturdee
System Integration & Test Engineer (Security Lead), Motorola

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