Cyber Security Assessments

Identify and address weaknesses in your security posture

MTI has a portfolio of assessments that play a vital role in safeguarding sensitive information, protecting systems, and reducing the overall risk of cyber threats.
Cyber Security risk assessment

Why MTI Assessment services?

Safe pair of hands

Safe pair of hands

We are one of the founding member of CREST and one of the longest-standing UK providers of penetration testing services.

Upskill Geams

Unrivalled Expertise

Our in-house teams comprise highly skilled professionals with extensive technical expertise and a deep understanding of cyber security.

Flexible Solutions

Innovative Technology

We have made significant investments in our assessment services, enabling us to harness the full potential of the latest advancements in cyber security technologies.

Choose the assessment that’s right for you:


Red Teaming


Ransomware Readiness Assessment


Secure Back Up Review


Active Directory Reviews


PSN IT Healthcheck


IT Security Review


DSPT IT Healthcheck


Firewall Healthcheck

Strengthening Incident Response

Our  assessments  will  evaluate  your  organisation’s readiness to respond to cyber incidents, identify weaknesses   in   your   incident   response,   improve  overall readiness, and build a more effective incident response  plan,  team,  and  function.  We  replicate  the  latest techniques,  tactics,  and  procedures  used  by criminal   gangs,   opportunist   attackers,  and  nation  states.

The  insights  provided  by  the  security  assessments will  help  your  organisation  to  identify  and  address weaknesses  in  your  security  posture,  improve  your overall readiness, and build a more effective incident response  plan,  team,  and  function  to  mitigate  the  risks of cyber incidents.

How We've Helped Our Customers:


The MTI  team who  conducted  the  penetration testing  services  in  our  organisation  were  not  only  respectful  but  also  an  absolute  delight  to  work  with.  Their  exceptional  professionalism  made  my job  extremely  easy,  and  I  couldn’t  have  asked  for better service. They delivered the results within the expected timeframe and exceeded our expectations. If  we  require  any  further  penetration  testing,  it would be our pleasure to work with them again.

 Kaelan Silver Sturdee
System Integration & Test Engineer (Security Lead), Motorola

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