Your Strategic Partner for Cyber Security and Digital Transformation within Law and Legal Sectors

As the legal industry navigates the complexities of digital transformation, it is imperative to address the pressing issues surrounding cybersecurity and fortify the foundations of a secure legal landscape.

Keeping up with the pace of change

With technology advancing rapidly, the legal sector is experiencing a digital transformation revolution. Incorporating digital tools and technologies has yielded numerous advantages, including boosted efficiency, smoother operations, and greater accessibility. Nonetheless, this innovative surge has also uncovered various cyber security challenges, especially for financial services that utilise data centres.

Helping you meet your IT objectives

Through our years of experience working with organisations in the legal industry, we know that the evolving threat landscape, regulatory compliance requirements, cloud security concerns, insider threats, and the challenge of balancing security and accessibility demand immediate attention. 

Partnering with MTI can equip you with the expertise, guidance, customised solutions, proactive monitoring, compliance support, and adaptability necessary to overcome the cybersecurity challenges inherent in the digital transformation journey. 

By becoming an extension of your team, we help you leverage our resources to strengthen your security defences, safeguard sensitive client data, and instil confidence in your clients.

Partner with MTI to establish yourself as leaders in the secure digital landscape of the legal industry.

Why MTI?

35 Year Pedigree

Over 3 decades of experience as a trusted IT services and solutions provider

Upskill Geams

Our priority is to streamline your IT operations, up skill your teams & reduce operational burden

Safe pair of hands

We are a safe pair of hands with highly-accredited teams and long standing relations with our key partners

Extensive Portfolio

Our portfolio extends from assessment, design, deployment support and ongoing management

Flexible Solutions
We deliver flexible and tailored solutions, and we are committed to supporting you and resolving any issues together
Part of Ricoh

Part of the Ricoh family, our customers can access a global network of specialists


We’ve partnered with MTI to build a much wider and more capable cyber security offering. We have confidence in the MTI team as we know they’ve got the right people that can adapt and that will work for us as an extended part of our team.

Abba Abbaszadi,

IT Director, Charles Russel Speechlys


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