Storage Assessment

Storage solutions remain a core infrastructure component in data centres and cloud environments, with storage being a foundational component alongside networks and compute.

Organisation’s storage requirements will typically be based upon a mixture of high performance/low latency storage for Tier 0/1 applications, and capacity for Tier 2 and lower and could be based upon a mixture of SAN (block), NAS (File) or object based storage systems.

MTI work with the leading storage vendors and our expertise covers the breadth of High performance Storage arrays and Storage Area Networks, Scalable NAS and Object based storage solutions, and Software Defined Storage, to support customers with both their Structured and Unstructured data requirements.

MTI can offer:
• Assessment led sizing and advisory services
• Deployment and migration services
• A comprehensive suite of managed services to support customers of any scale to remove the burden associated with the management of complex storage environments

MTI have been designing, implementing and supporting our clients’ storage needs for over 25 years. We have successfully deployed hundreds of systems, ranging from simple direct attached arrays to multi-site, highly available, stretched environments.

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