Counter Ransomware Attacks

A New Era in Data Management

Cohesity empowers organizations to protect, store, and manage secondary data from a single environment that spans data centers and clouds. Starting with backups, extending to disaster recovery, testing and development, and analytics, Cohesity eliminates infrastructure silos that result in mass data fragmentation while generating data insights that fuel competitive advantage. Global enterprises and federal agencies trust Cohesity to discover new value from their most important business asset, their data. Headquartered in San Jose, California. For more information, visit Cohesity at


Cohesity DataProtect
Simple data protection with under five-minute recovery point objectives
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Cohesity DataPlatform
Secondary data solution built on a hyperconverged platform
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eBook: Defend Your Data
Best practices to prevent, detect, and respond to a ransomware attack targeting your backups.
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Guide: Counter Ransomware Attacks
Cohesity effectively counters ransomware attacks and helps your organisation avoid paying ransom.
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Report: Four Technologies Combine to Protect you From Ransomware Attacks
As the ones responsible for recovering from outrages, infrastructure and operations (I&O) pros have successfully managed recoveries from all failures but one: ransomware.
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On-Demand Webinar Series
MTI expert Gareth Thorne and Cohesity’s Richard Tilney discuss data management challenges and how the Cohesity data management platform can help solve these challenges.
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Guide: Evaluating Web-Scale Backup and Recovery
A Buyer’s Guide to Modern Web-Scale Backup & Recovery
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Guide: How to consolidate your secondary data and apps at web scale?
The Gorilla Guide to Hyperconverged secondary storage
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Research Paper: Mass Data Fragmentation Is Quietly Killing Digital Transformation Efforts
The Criticality of Data to Modern Organizations.
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