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With heightened regulation around GDPR, as well as risks associated with increases in access to information, security remains the priority. To keep up with the pace of change and ensure success in the legal sector, innovation is key. At MTI we have significant expertise in Cyber and Data Security in-house to help ensure your organisation is innovative and secure.

Increase Protection With Secure Solutions

MTI is a dedicated data and cyber security specialist and recognises the need to provide a portfolio of services and technology expertise to help our customers address the following challenges:

  • GDPR Compliance
  • Continued innovation of cyber criminals
  • Increasing complexity of IT environments
  • The risks associated with privileged accounts
  • How to leverage technology and automation in Cyber Security
  • Data identification, classification and management in hybrid architectures
  • Data protection and disaster recovery
  • Regulatory alignment
  • Shortage of relevant security skills

By working alongside our customer’s project teams and leveraging our knowledge and service portfolio, organisations can address these challenges and identify, assess, mitigate & respond to the risks they face.

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Legal related services

MTI has been a specialist datacentre solution provider for over 20 years and has invested significantly in skills, capabilities and services to help our customers accelerate and de-risk their datacentre modernisation projects.

Services include:

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MTI can help across a broad range of technology topics but we have particular focus on:

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