Penetration Testing

We’ve been offering certified Penetration Testing for nearly 25 years
– making us one of the longest standing providers in the UK

Penetration testing provides a snapshot of the current security profile of your organisation. Every organisation will have an IT environment of some kind, from basic internet access and e-mail to fully functional cloud and web-based applications, often with sensitive or valuable data being processed.

Any compromise of these systems represents not only a network breach but also the risk of unauthorised access to data. This can be seen as a significant public failure in terms of trust, reputation and confidence and can threaten the stability of the organisation.

MTI’s Solution

Penetration testing proactively assesses not only the IT equipment such as servers, work stations, mobile devices, web applications and network design but also the working practices of IT staff and users to identify any vulnerabilities or weaknesses. The results provide a snapshot of your IT security profile and any vulnerabilities together with relevant remediation advice. This includes;

  • Security Action plan
  • Overall posture of IT systems
  • Tool to educate staff and users on better ways to carry out daily roles

MTI and our parent company, Ricoh, invest heavily ever year to ensure our testers have the latest commercial and private tools, exploits and frameworks and are fully trained in the latest techniques to ensure we carry out our tests in the most efficient, accurate and reliable manner.

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