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Putting cyber security at the top of the agenda

Stand up to cyber crime

Cyber crime affects organisations of all shapes and sizes. With cyber criminals’ methods of compromising valuable information continuing to evolve and threats become more aggressive and complex, security is now more important than ever before.

With Cloud, remote working, organised crime and malware, the challenges facing IT and security professionals continue to grow exponentially. IT Security must focus on compliance, risk and policy.

Create a resilient framework

The MTI Security Practice focuses on securing corporate data, apps and environments, delivering technical controls to thousands of customers and protecting millions of users, against ever-evolving security threats. Through the MTI Security Practice, our customers and partners can be confident that their data is secure. 

With agile cyber security defences, organisations can be protected against security breaches and the reputational, financial and regulatory penalties that follow.

How we do it

Our experienced security consultants deliver comprehensive security to clients in all market sectors, ranging from CHECK and CREST penetration testing, Information Risk Management reviews and assessments to vendor solutions.

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