Instantly accessible data

As technology has continued to grow it has entirely altered the way information service organisations work. It has opened up new opportunities for this industry to store, organise and manage their information, changing their workplace environments.

There is an on-going demand for data to be accessible instantly, with secure sharing required to ensure information can be used immediately.

Flexible and adaptable infrastructure

MTI understand the rapid pace at which data and information is growing, and so we are able to provide the critical, flexible infrastructure information services required to manage the volumes of data they collect.

Our expertise can help organisations within the information service industry to adapt their strategy to a digitally optimized process that meets the market demand they currently face.

Customers who trust us

Technology related services

MTI has been a specialist datacentre solution provider for over 20 years and has invested significantly in skills, capabilities and services to help our customers accelerate and de-risk their datacentre modernisation projects.

Services include:

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MTI can help across a broad range of technology topics but we have particular focus on:

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