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Varonis Data Security Platform

Varonis is a pioneer in data security and analytics, fighting a different battle than conventional cybersecurity companies. Varonis focuses on protecting enterprise data: sensitive files and emails; confidential customer, patient and employee data; financial records; strategic and product plans; and other intellectual property.

The Varonis Data Security Platform detects insider threats and cyber-attacks by analysing data, account activity and user behaviour; prevents and limits disaster by locking down sensitive and stale data; and efficiently sustains a secure state with automation.

With a focus on data security, Varonis serves a variety of use cases including governance, compliance, classification, and threat analytics. Varonis started operations in 2005 and, as of March 31, 2018, had approximately 6,000 customers worldwide comprising industry leaders in many sectors including financial services, healthcare, public, industrial, insurance, energy and utilities, consumer and retail, education, media and entertainment and technology.


Monitor file activity and user behaviour to make permissions management and auditing a breeze
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Five Security Analytics Pitfalls, and How To Avoid Them
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Varonis DatAlert Suite
Detect and Alert on Suspicious Activity on Your File and Email Systems
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2019 Global Data Risk Report From the Varonis Data Lab
Your Files Called. They Want Their Privacy Back.
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Varonis Automation Suite
Protect and Discover Threats Automatically
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2018 Global Data Risk Report From the Varonis Data Lab
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Varonis Data Classification Suite
Manage and Protect Your Data Stores
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3 Ways Varonis Helps You Fight Insider Threats
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