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Best Practices for Protecting Against Phishing, Ransomware and Email Fraud

An Osterman Research Whitepaper

Sample sets of organisations were surveyed specifically for this whitepaper. Some of the key statistics are highlighted below:
  • 27% of organisations indicated a phishing attack was successful in infecting systems on the network with malware

  • Sensitive information was leaked by 25% of organisations

  • 15.4% of account takeover-based emails were successful

  • 21.2% aware of malware infiltrating internal systems, but were uncertain where it came from

Addressing the Best Practice Issue:

Understanding the risks associated with the current landscape is a vital step to building out best practice across your organisation. Both IT and Security Teams are under enormous pressure to support their organisations.

Cybercriminals are helped by the fact that many IT and Security teams lack the human and financial resources necessary to keep pace, so organisations are left exposed to the latest threats.

Crypto Increase

Cryptocurrency mining on endpoints increased by 8,500% during 2017

Mobile Threat

54% increase in mobile malware during 2017

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