10 Steps to Cyber Security

A Guide to Implementation

Improve the security of your networks and data

The UK government launched its ’10 Steps to Cyber Security’ guide, the guide offers practical guidance on the steps that organisations can take to improve the security of their networks and data. The government guidelines offer practical insight into key areas of information security.

Cyber-attacks are common

GCHQ said it continues to see real threats to the UK on a daily basis, and the scale and rate of these attacks shows little sign of abating.

Offline damage

Damage from cyber-attacks isn’t just limited to financial loss it can destroy a company’s credibility and lead to a loss of business.

The 10 Steps to Cyber Security Guide looks at each area, spells out what exactly it means and explains how you can successfully address the issues raised.

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The guidelines cover ten areas:
  • Information Risk Management Regime

  • Secure configuration

  • Network Security

  • Managing User Privileges

  • User Education and Awareness

  • Incident Management

  • Malware Prevention

  • Monitoring

  • Removable Media Controls

  • Home and Mobile Working

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