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Cloud Migration Service

MTI can assist customers with migration of workloads into the cloud.
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The Challenge:

Migrating workloads into public cloud services can be a complex, time-consuming process. From planning migrations, through testing, to carrying out any required remediation work, migrating workloads is normally the most time-consuming phase of any cloud project.

Often simply planning a migration strategy to ensure workloads are migrated in a controlled way can be complex as there can be numerous dependencies on other systems and services that must be considered.

MTI Solution:

To ensure migrations are carried out in a controlled way, MTI will carry out an initial migration planning session. This session provides a roadmap to migrate workloads, and includes planning out any specific remediation tasks acting as blockers.

Once the migration strategy had been agreed MTI will work alongside the customer’s IT team to setup and run migration tools and batches. Migrations can either be run entirely by MTIs engineers or alongside customers internal IT, with MTIIf required, MTI can also work with the customer’s IT, team, to assist in carrying out remediation tasks.

Lastly, MTI will liaise with the customer to test migrated workloads in advance of switching over live services.

Service Features:

Migration strategy planning. Typically includes:

  • Identify and agree on migration options for each application
  • Identify any remediation tasks required
  • Identify and map out any required test plans
  • Identify risks
  • Agree on timescales and deadlines for migrations
  • Confirm resource availability
  • Produce full migration plan based on output

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