Cloud Design & Implementation Service

Once business have committed to moving workloads to the cloud, ensuring infrastructure is designed to deliver the required levels of functionality and performance is critical.
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The Challenge:

Most cloud services provide a wide range of features around high availability, auto scale, and traffic management. Understanding which features best fit different needs is key to ensuring the solution meet expectations.

MTIs Solution:

On completion of a Cloud Readiness Assessment, MTI will carry out a detailed IaaS platform design. This will use the detailed output from the readiness assessment report to build the foundation of the solution.

Where necessary, MTI will hold additional design workshops to identify and confirm any additional requirements not highlighted during the initial assessment phase.

MTI will then implement the new core cloud service based on the agreed design. This will ensure all core components required to support the migrated workloads such as networks and storage are configured in advance where possible.

Where necessary, proof of concept environments will be configured to test workload functionality, availability etc.

Service Features:

Carry out full design phase, includes customer design workshop to agree/validate design, full analysis of existing readiness report (if not completed by MTI), and production of a detailed design document.

Implementation of core cloud service. Includes setup of new tenant/subscription(s) as required, plus setup of any required core services plus any required proof of concept environment.

Typical components for Design

  • Virtual network topology design
  • platform location and availability
  • platform scaling
  • Storage design
  • Backup and DR for cloud-based workloads
  • IaaS security
  • Roles-based access design

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