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Remediate security processes to anticipate and prevent threats

Reduce the impact of threats with remediation

Remediation should not be seen as an incident response but as a continuous existing process. We recommend that regular security policy reviews and compliance checks should be adopted and implemented as standard.

Mitigate risks

Many of the solutions available from MTI and our strategic partners have sophisticated analytics built in, enabling the most credible and damaging threats to be identified in real time, therefore providing remediation early and mitigating current and on-going risk.

How we do it 

When consulting on security policies and infrastructures, MTI works closely with our customers’ security response teams to understand the existing resource and skill levels. This helps to determine the best solution and how to respond and remediate in line with the available skills and resources. Where required, MTI can provide professional services and managed services to supplement your resources, either on an ongoing basis or on a specific case-by-case basis.

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