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PCI Approved Scanning Vendor (ASV) Service

PCI Approved Scanning Vendor (ASV) Service

Blended PCI Vulnerability Assessment Services – What is it?

The purpose of Westpoint’s blended vulnerability assessment service is to assist clients in the effective ongoing management of system vulnerabilities, whether they be on web servers, database servers, firewalls, routers or other key components of their IT infrastructure.

Each quarter, month, week, or at other defined periods (e.g. ad-hoc / once-off assessments) Westpoint perform an extensive number of vulnerability tests on your systems to determine if they are open to attack or exploitation. Each set of tests result in a concise report of findings as free of false positive results as can be achieved within the constraints of a remote, un-authenticated assessment.  Where vulnerabilities have been discovered remedial actions are suggested. Reports are securely delivered to any number of contacts in your organisation.

Vulnerability Assessment Scan Reports

You will receive a PCI ASV Scan Report for each assessment conducted during the scan period, details vulnerabilities for the target systems, in a format required and approved by PCI Security Standards Council.  It also provides excellent management trending and charting to monitor how vulnerabilities are being managed over time.

Service Methodology includes:

  • Footprint Verification

  • Service Scanning
  • Service Enumeration
  • Vulnerability Detection

  • Manual Vulnerability Examination and Verification
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