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Penetration Testing

Evaluate, assess and protect

Keep your systems & business applications secure

Every organisation will have an IT environment of some kind, from basic internet access and e-mail to fully functional cloud and web-based applications, often with sensitive or valuable data being processed.

Any compromise of these systems represents not only a network breach but also the risk of unauthorised access to data. This can be seen as a significant public failure in terms of trust, reputation and confidence and can threaten the stability of the organisation.

The value of penetration testing

Penetration testing proactively assesses not only the IT equipment such as servers, work stations, mobile devices, web applications and network design but also the working practices of IT staff and users to identify any vulnerabilities or weaknesses.

The results provide a snapshot of your IT security profile and any vulnerabilities together with relevant remediation advice. This information can then be used to form an action plan that can be used to increase the overall security posture of IT systems and reduce the likelihood of an attack being successful. It can also be used as a tool to educate IT staff and users on better ways to carry out their daily roles in a more secure manner.

Certified penetration testing from MTI

With over fifteen years of experience of designing and delivering penetration tests for every sector and across a vast range of technologies, our specialist penetration testers apply stringent, innovative testing methodologies that meet the highest levels of security assurance requirements to ensure your business remains protected.

MTI also invests over £100,000 annually to ensure our testers have the latest commercial and private tools, exploits and frameworks and are fully trained in the latest techniques to ensure we carry out our tests in the most efficient, accurate and reliable manner.

We are a certified NCSC CHECK “Green light” company and members of CREST, the Council of Registered Ethical Security Testers. We offer annual CHECK certified IT Health Checks and can also design tailored penetration testing to meet your specific objectives.

Some of our security assessments 

Our security cleared and highly skilled testing team has developed and continues to evolve much bespoke penetration testing (and ethical hacking) methodologies. Popular assessments include:

  • Internal and external tests
  • Operating system build reviews (Windows, UNIX, Solaris, AIX, OSx)

  • Active directory domain compromises

  • PSN code of connection Tests

  • PCI tests

  • Client-side phishing attacks
  • Physical, telephone and electronic social engineering

  • Mobile device reviews (Apple, Android, Windows BlackBerry)

  • Web application testing

  • Database reviews

  • Citrix breakout tests

  • VoIP infrastructure tests

  • Firewall / router / switch configuration reviews

  • Cloud penetration tests (application and infrastructure)

  • Wireless testing

  • Cyber essentials stage 1 & two reviews

  • VBLOCK & virtualisation reviews

  • Network topology & design reviews

  • Threat and Risk Assessments (TARA)

  • Custom tests against custom built hardware and applications

  • Managed vulnerability scans

  • Vulnerability alerting service

PSN Testing Service

Our PSN Health check service is designed to quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively help you remain compliant and identify any vulnerabilities before it’s too late.


CES Testing Service

MTI provides a CES service with everything you need to achieve CREST accredited Cyber Essentials Plus certification. MTI is a CREST accredited specialist and can help your organisation achieve Certification to the Governments Cyber Essentials Scheme (CES)


Packaged Testing Options

Our highly skilled and experienced testing team have spent 1000’s of hours testing our customer’s IT systems, processes and policies. As a result, we have identified common requirements that come up time and again.


Customised Testing Services

If you have a particular set of testing requirements that suits a more customised approach, our testing experts can work with you to develop a service that exactly fits your needs.


Special offer

We will include a complimentary MS Excel Vulnerability Register to help manage remediation of identified vulnerabilities PLUS one of the following offers:

  • If the same hosts are in scope we will conduct CES stage 1 and CES Plus testing at no extra cost and award pass certificates if appropriate

  • Re-Test for High and Medium Risk Vulnerabilities identified in any of the external/remote testing aspects of the PSN ITHC

  • Conduct an Un-Authenticated, Automated, Web Application Vulnerability assessment on up to 5 external web application start URLs and a supply HTML report, time-capped to 1 day

Get in touch

Find out more about our penetration testing.

Our latest report

A comprehensive guide to the 8 most common IT security vulnerabilities and strategies for effective penetration testing.


Get in touch

Find out more about our penetration testing.


Our latest report

A comprehensive guide to the 8 most common IT security vulnerabilities and strategies for effective penetration testing.