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Rapidly detect and eliminate threats

Detect cyber threats fast

Once a system has been compromised, most threats alarmingly remain undiscovered for more than 120 days. With attacks becoming more complex and sophisticated, threat detection is an area to be drastically improved for many businesses. 

Security in the virtualised environment

Most organisations operate virtualised server infrastructures. Besides the well-known advantages around utilisation, flexibility, and agility, it also creates new security challenges around the underlying architecture.

Our solutions detect malicious activity early and alert your security team to the threat. In partnership with TrendMicro, we deliver innovative solutions to protect virtualised environments; Trend Micro designs solutions with the software-defined datacentre at the very centre of the strategy. 

This means workloads can be secured from the moment they are provisioned. This reduces administrative effort by applying policies consistently across environments to help manage security controls.

Monitoring and visibility

We monitor your virtualised environment, enabling network-wide visibility and intelligence to detect and respond to targeted attacks. Fast.

We also optimise all the agentless and agent-based security solutions to minimise the impact on your CPUs, network and storage. 

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Securing the modern datacentre

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