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Security Alert Service

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MTI offers a free Security Alerts service that will allow you to receive notification of any critical vulnerabilities that MTI feel affect a large number of organisations and would result in access to your data or network if not mitigated in a timely manner. This is a low volume, high quality alerting service with only serious issues being included, so you will not be inundated with low level / unimportant alters. This service also informs you of any wide-scale attacks being actively conducted usually before it becomes mainstream news.

If a more tailored service is required then we offer a chargeable alternative that inventories all software in use on your network and ensures tailored alerts are sent that lets you know exactly what hosts in your environment are affected. This service also cross-references the NCSC daily update of compromised sites (usually several hundred thousand per day)  with your domain names and IP addresses to ensure they are not being used in active attacks.

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