OneLogin provides cloud-based identity and access management. They offer a unified access management system platform to enterprise-level businesses and organisations.  Their platform offers more than just the standard Identity and Access Management (IAM) solution. With Vigilance AI™, SmartFactor Authentication™, and the Shield browser extension, OneLogin delivers unparalleled protection and control.

•  MTI has dedicated services and expertise for the OneLogin platform.


Identity and Access Management
Like many others, your organization is moving applications and resources to the cloud as part of a broader digital transformation.
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OneLogin: SSO
Single sign-on. SSO is a system that lets users securely authenticate with multiple applications and websites by logging in once.
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Multi-Factor Authentication
Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) verifies a user’s identity by requiring multiple authentication factors instead of relying merely on passwords, which are susceptible to being compromised.
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OneLogin Overview. Solving the Identity Chaos Crisis
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OneLogin Key Differentiator
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