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Nasuni (“NAS Unified”​) is the leading provider of Cloud File Services

Nasuni delivers a single software platform to store, protect, synchronise, and collaborate on unstructured file data at scale. Nasuni Cloud File Services™, powered by the patented UniFS® global file system, leverages cloud storage to modernise primary NAS and file server storage; file archiving; backup; and disaster recovery, while offering transformational new capabilities for multi-site file collaboration. By combining the low cost, unlimited capacity, and durability of private or public cloud object storage with the high performance, security, and broad application compatibility of traditional disk-based file storage, the Nasuni subscription service improves workforce productivity, simplifies IT operations, and reduces IT costs. The world’s largest companies in 12 industry sectors rely on Nasuni to maximize the business value of their file data and ensure business continuity. Nasuni operates globally from its worldwide headquarters in Boston, Mass., USA with EMEA headquarters in London and Munich.

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