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By transforming data into actionable intelligence, supporting cybersecurity, compliance, IT operations and business analytics, organisations are protected. Logpoint’s modern SIEM with UEBA provides advanced behavioural analytics and ML-driven automation capabilities. With a license model based on nodes rather than data volume, LogPoint makes cost 100% predictable and reduces the cost of deploying a SIEM solution, and can be implemented faster than any other SIEM, offering unparalleled time-to-value.


LogPoint Modern SIEM with UEBA
Creating Business Value
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LogPoint UEBA
Cut detection and response time in half
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LogPoint Solution Brief
What makes LogPoint different?
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How LogPoint uses MITRE ATT&CK
Technical white paper
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LogPoint SIEM Buyer’s Guide
The Critical capabilities of a modern SIEM
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LogPoint Use Cases
Examples to help you better plan your defence strategy
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