VMware Virtualisation Assessment

VMware Virtualisation Assessment

The primary objective of a VMware Virtualisation Assessment is to conduct a capacity planning assessment of your existing IT infrastructure to evaluate and quantify the opportunity for implementing VMware virtualisation and to understand your current IT capacity and utilisation.  Understanding the operational effectiveness of your current environment with regards to vCPU, memory, network and storage utilisation is going to be key in determining not only how the environment is coping with the business pressures of virtualisation but also how it will expand as the business demands.

This assessment gives a benefit of realising the potential of the infrastructure you have and how to plan for moving forward.

The assessment provides a detailed inventory of server hardware, utilisation and performance, identifying ideal candidates for virtualisation. It will also provide a virtualisation scenario that determines potential consolidation ratios and proposes the new server infrastructure and VMware licenses required to support the virtualisation project.

VMware Virtualisation Assessment

VMware Virtualisation Assessments carried out by one of our VMware certified professional consultants, who will provide valuable insight into the server resources available in your IT infrastructure and how resources are currently being used. This helps make consolidation easier, providing you with:

  • A clear view of server consolidation opportunities within your existing physical IT infrastructure
  • An estimation of potential costs and savings

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