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IT Transformation

The term IT Transformation is a broad one and is open to interpretation. However, one thing is certain, IT transformation involves change. Change in the way IT is delivered and change in how IT is experienced by the organisation is a key component in this shift and is a must in the modern business.

Legacy IT delivery was seen as a burden on the balance sheet but a necessary evil to running the business. Today, IT must become an enabler to business agility and routes to market. It can no longer sit on the balance sheet as a cost but it must demonstrate value to the business that it becomes a key source of change to profitable growth. As Michael Dell stated “IT no longer supports the business, IT is the business.”

“MTI have been a key partner for us throughout the planning and execution of our datacentre modernisation project. Their security and infrastructure knowledge has been invaluable”

Whether your transformation programme is about internal operational improvement, employee productivity, M&A enablement or new routes to market, transformation in IT must be carefully assessed, planned and designed all with management, security and ongoing flexibility in mind.

Too often change agendas are driven from operational departments when in fact true transformation must start at the board with clarity on the digital agenda for the business over the longer term. Ideally the senior leadership team should ensure strategic direction and context for all transformation initiatives. These should also cascade cultural change to allow for the acceptance of the new organisation. When cultural change is not part of the agenda the business can quickly fall back to old ways of working driving down adoption rates leading to project failures, therefore, stifling business change and growth.

IT Transformation related services

MTI has been a helping organisations improve and transform their IT systems for over 20 years and has invested significantly in skills, capabilities and services to help our customers accelerate and de-risk their change programme and projects.

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