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Data & Cyber Security

Organisations are facing an increasingly complex and hostile security landscape where the impact of cyber-attacks and data breaches is increasingly more significant. Remaining resilient is key to protecting your reputation, brand position and sensitive data. Developing a robust security posture can be a complex and cyclical process, but it can be done.

MTI is a dedicated data and cyber security specialist and recognises the need to provide a portfolio of services and technology expertise to help our customers address the following challenges:

  • GDPR Compliance
  • Continued innovation of cyber criminals
  • Increasing complexity of IT environments
  • The risks associated with privileged accounts
  • How to leverage technology and automation in Cyber Security
  • Data identification, classification and management in hybrid architectures
  • Data protection and disaster recovery
  • Regulatory alignment
  • Shortage of relevant security skills

By working alongside our customer’s project teams and leveraging our knowledge and service portfolio, organisations can address these challenges and identify, assess, mitigate & respond to the risks they face.

Best of breed security technologies

MTI has invested significantly in expertise, knowledge and capabilities across a broad range of related technologies and disciplines.

We have highlighted some of the key technologies we support here.

Data and Cyber Security related services

MTI has been a specialist datacentre solution provider for over 20 years and has invested significantly in skills, capabilities and services to help our customers accelerate and de-risk their datacentre modernisation projects.

Services include:

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