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Data Analysis

Do you know where your sensitive data is?
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Locate and protect data

MTI can help you find your sensitive content, identify who has access and help you lock it down without interrupting your business.

Securing your sensitive data

Once you have found your sensitive data you are better able to protect it to avoid a security data breach. If you are in a regulated industry, then predefined search terminology can be deployed with content relevant to PCI, HIPPA, SOX and others.

How MTI can help

Let MTI help with your data analysis problems and help you regain control.

Incremental scans can discover changes from a list of known changes speeding up discovery process

Get notifications and alerts when sensitive content is exposed, even configure for auto quarantine of files

A choice of efficient scanning engine or integration with DLP products

Customisable dictionaries allow you to find and classify what’s most important in your business

Algorithmic verification to avoid false triggers and increase accuracy using IBAN, Luhn and Verhoeff

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