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VMware Management

VMware Remote Management

Virtualisation is expected to deliver cost savings, business agility and regulatory compliance. Customers deploying a VMware environment must be able to rely on their infrastructure 24×7. However, if an organisation lacks the resources and in-house skill set to keep things running smoothly, they won’t see these benefits.

VMware Management Solution

MTI is a leader in providing VMware and virtualisation solutions and has invested in the relevant skills, technology and tools to become a virtualisation expert, helping companies overcome the challenges it presents around infrastructure, licensing, skills and security.

Over the years, MTI has formed a strong relationship with the market-leading, virtualisation technology innovator, VMware. This relationship builds on MTI’s core expertise in the infrastructure arena allowing the development of new skills and competence in the consultancy and deployment of VMware and virtualisation technology.

For details on the service itself, the key considerations and other key features, see the Service Details page.

Service Details

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