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VMware Upgrade

VMware vSphere Readiness Assessment

With the launch of vSphere 6.5 at the end of 2016, many existing VMware clients are looking at their infrastructure and wondering whether or not they are ready to upgrade to the latest version, but why the hesitation?

MTI has found that many clients have not yet embraced this new version of vSphere due to the lack of internal skills to perform the upgrade or there is a struggle to determine the state of their existing environment and whether or not an upgrade is possible.

VMware Readiness Assessment

With MTI’s vSphere Readiness Assessment, you can be sure your systems are optimised to take advantage of the new capabilities of vSphere 6.5.

Key Benefits of the assessment include:

  • A comprehensive health check of your existing virtual infrastructure
  • Analysis of current resource utilisation to ensure optimal CPU and memory sizing
  • Upgrade analysis performed utilising proven best practices and following proven methodology
  • Experienced virtualisation consultants will ensure that the risk of implementing any upgrades is minimal
  • Allows your organisation to quickly utilise the newer capabilities of vSphere 6.5.

For details on the service itself, the key considerations and other key features, see the Service Details page.

Service Details

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