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Cisco UCS Healthcheck

Cisco UCS Healthcheck and Assessment

Complex environments, which include Cisco UCS are faced with the costly and time-consuming tasks of applying regular firmware updates, coupled with new technology such as the new Cisco UCS Fabric Interconnects and UCS M5 servers etc. One missed patch could spell downtime, misconfiguration, or you could just be missing out on improving business services and benefits without the latest upgrades. 

How do you maintain that critical balance between strategy and stability of hardware components of an environment that is not updated as regularly as its software counterparts? 

Many Cisco customers have not yet embraced the latest versions of UCS because either they do not have the required skill sets to perform the upgrade, the time, or they are unable to determine the baseline state of their existing environment.

Cisco UCS Healthcheck

MTI will understand the needs of your organisation, using an initiation conference call or workshop meeting as a first step to determine your objectives, identify key stakeholders, to support your company’s strategic direction.

The benefits to organisations are:

  • The clear view of the baseline state of the Cisco UCS environment as a starting point
  • An understating of the invulnerability of the system to protect from unauthorised access, or changes
  • Any gaps in the latest hardware, or software releases
  • Where configuration parameters could be changed to optimise systems
  • Where Cisco best practice could be applied

For details on the service itself, the key considerations and other key features, see the Service Details page.

Service Details

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