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VMware Health Check

A VMware Health Check assesses your core VMware infrastructure and its alignment with VMware best practices.

Why implement a VMware Health Check?

The primary objective of a VMware Health Check is to conduct a standardised assessment of the implementation of VMware technology within your environment. This health check provides recommended changes to configuration and/or usage according to VMware best practices and a checklist of assessment activities performed.

Available via G-Cloud

Why choose MTI?

MTI will walk you through the full assessment and understand the needs of your organisation. Prior to the health check, we will conduct a whiteboard discussion and knowledge transfer to:

  • Better understand your organisational and operational environment
  • Clarify understanding of VMware component requirements and behaviour
  • Clarify changes to configuration and usage based on VMware best practices

Benefits of a VMware Health Check

  • Optimise VMware estate
  • Maximise resource utilisation and efficiency
  • Mitigate risks by leveraging proven best practices
  • Guidance on current best practices for configuring and managing VMware

For details on the service itself, the key considerations and other key features, see the Service Details page.

Service Details

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