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Secure IT Relocation Services

Securely relocating your IT

MTI secure IT relocation services

We offer physical IT relocation solutions, from moving a single server to the relocation of an entire datacentre. 

A tailored approach 

We fully understand the complexity of a datacentre migration project and understand that thorough planning is of the utmost importance. Our professional approach enables us to complete the project in a timely and cost-effective manner whilst reducing any business downtime or disruption.

Server relocation

MTI is a global provider of IT solutions and services, we work with clients worldwide and have over 25 years’ experience, so we understand whether you need relocation for just one server or an entire datacentre, what is required for a successful and secure migration.

Cabling solutions for datacentres

We provide datacentre cabling solutions ready for any server migration project. If your relocation project is heavily constrained by timescales then having all the necessary cables ready in advance makes all the difference.

IT audit service and risk assessment

A successful relocation requires effective planning and accurate information so MTI always conduct a comprehensive audit to compile all the necessary information needed to plan your migration.

Disposal of assets

We offer fully certificated Communications-Electronics Security Group (CESG) and Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive (WEEE) approved solutions for disposal of your assets. We offer this solution on its own or combined in a wider server relocation project. We can collect obsolete equipment and de-rack systems to be disposed of securely.

IT hardware staging

We provide IT staging and logistics solutions in a professional, reliable and timely way as we recognise these services are the cornerstone of a successful process for installation and delivery.

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