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Data Protection

Protect your data & minimise data loss

Enterprise Data Protection

If losing data impacts efficient business processes, or breaches compliance, then back it up. Data protection forms part of a business continuity plan in the event of a disk, server, or data centre failure, along with the added concern of protecting files and databases from deletion, or corruption.

Ask these key questions of your business:

Does the backup data need to be compliant, or confidential?
Do you need your backups encrypted — both in transit and at rest — to meet SEC, PCI, or Sarbanes-Oxley compliance requirements? Do you need to choose a provider that can meet specific audited compliance requirements for your industry?
How secure does your backup strategy need to be? 

Do you need to take measures to ensure data security? Is the backup data secure from theft, or unauthorised access? 

How will GDPR effect your ability to search, recover, or delete backup data?

 Are you aware of the requirements for The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (Regulation (EU) 2016/679)? Can you search and delete selective back data when required to, even when residing on tape? 

What is your data recovery strategy?
If you lose a file, how quickly do you need it be restored and if you lose a server, how quickly can the server be recovered? If you lose your data centre, how quickly can your business be up and running again? Backup to the cloud can be very cost effective but can you be sure you will get the data back across the internet in a timely manner?  
Do you need a cloud backup partner that can provide cloud servers for you to quickly restore your data in the case of a disaster?

 Is disaster recovery in the cloud something that would streamline business continuity? 

How automated is your backup procedure and how many man-hours are required to manage failed backups?

Are these overlooked costs to the business without the understanding of how often backups fail, or how much time is spent managing the backups every day? 


How robust is the backup function?

 Is it designed to withstand drives, hardware, network and data centre failures?  

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The MTI Solution

Prevention is better than cure, but should a business suffer from breach, data backup will make the data recovery process a whole lot easier and most importantly, quicker. How much downtime can your business afford? 

Understanding RTO & RPO points is key to forming a working data backup and recovery solution and MTI can help you do this now and for the future growth of your organisation.  

Using a consultative approach, MTI works with the latest, best-of-breed backup products, where controlling software and optimised hardware platforms play a part to provide both small and large backup and restore environments. 

Benefits to your business

Understand your critical drivers, ask the tough questions of your backup and recovery strategy before you need it. Implementing a solid business disaster recovery plan is your organisation’s best line of defence when it comes to damage control.  

Should an incident occur, your business DR plan is there to recover your data as quickly as possible and ultimately minimise costly operational disruptions.  

Backups don’t matter until they matter. You don’t want the last remaining copy of your data to be corrupted, or find out that your recovery strategy isn’t fast enough to recover your business when you need it. 

When it comes to keeping your data safe, MTI can help you to select and implement the most effective solution to ensure optimised data protection. 

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