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Data Centre Networking

Powering your networks

Within today’s modern datacentre and when it comes to the strategic importance and business value of the datacentre network, there is a big disconnect. Even with momentum building behind the software-driven datacentre (SDDC) and software-driven services, applications and networks are disparate entities. In many cases they are designed, built, deployed, and managed separately.

Modernising the Data Centre Network 

There is still considerable inertia when it comes to modernising the capabilities of the datacentre network, resulting in a lack of flexibility. Often, the datacentre network cannot easily scale to accommodate growth, cannot handle new types of traffic and workloads and cannot take advantage of cloud automation and orchestration opportunities.

MTI has over 25-years’ experience in designing and implementing working datacentre networks solutions for its customers. It understands the importance of overcoming the current stagnation of existing networks, helping businesses of all sizes to move to a more agile, high-performance, next generation DC network.

By making the move to a modern, agile datacentre network – one that provides optimised cloud orchestration and bi-sectional bandwidth combined with WAN network integration – enterprises and service providers can achieve multiple benefits.

Key Questions To Ask Your Businesss

What are the greatest growth opportunities for network infrastructure vendors in private and public cloud datacentres?

How will emerging converged infrastructures influence network infrastructure requirements?

What are the key drivers of customer migration to 10, 40 and 25/50/100 gigabit Ethernet within the datacentre?

How will public cloud affect the overall datacentre network landscape?

How will software-defined networking enable a virtualised datacentre supporting thousands of VMs and virtual network connections? 

What will drive the next wave of growth in the software-defined WAN?

How will the network evolve to support delivery of applications based on containers and microservices?

How disruptive will network disaggregation be in the broader datacentre networking marketplace?

Powering your networks

MTI takes a consultative approach to any design, based on decades of experience, whether just a small enhancement or a complete replacement/greenfield solution.   

The key areas in which MTI’s expertise can help, are primarily focused on the datacentre interconnect (DCI), cloud connectivity, and building cloudaware networks. 

Even customers that are comfortable with their current traditional hardware network or the move to the software-defined methodology can benefit from MTI’s assistance and guidance, as it affords the opportunity to take a look at the end-to-end networking environment as a whole. 

MTI has the choice of the latest, best-of-breed networking vendor products and ensures they fit together seamlessly to provide the best possible solution. 

Skilled in the design, implementation and support of any products put forward, MTI ensures to meet the specific needs of its customers.  

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