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How to Combat the Rising Ransomware Threat

Ways to combat ransomware

5 key areas covered:
  • The Ransomware landscape
  • Responding to Ransomware
  • Ways to combat Ransomware
  • Planning your reponse
  • Ransomware in 2017

Secure your business from vulnerabilities and hackers

As ransomware threats continue to evolve, the defences of enterprises need to catch up, and with the rapid expansion of the ransomware threat landscape, defenders are scrambling to find ways to fight back. The MTI How to Combat the Rising Ransomware Threat will help you:

Reduce the attack surface

Find out more about the key ways to combat Ransomware from cyber security experts MTI. Learn more about blocking malware on desktops, keeping out phishing attacks and more.

Prepare for the future

Just over nine in ten (92%) of IT Decision makers think the number of ransomware attacks will continue to grow in frequency and severity in 2017.

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