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Cyber Security in Higher Education and Further Education: It’s all About the People

According to a recent survey by JISC, the top three cyber security challenges for universities, colleges and other academic institutions are phishing and other social engineering attacks, malware (including ransomware) and simple human error.The common weak point across all three is that difficult to identify, diagnose and address human factor in cyber security. Social engineering [...]

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Are You Hosting a Sensitive Data Pick-n-Mix?

“How safe is my data?” is among the more critical questions for organisations today. That’s concerning because recent research has shown that huge amounts of sensitive information continue to be exposed to insider threats, ransomware and other risks. This is despite the known, significant, potential consequences of such data falling into the wrong hands [...]

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Avoiding the Security Analytics Pitfalls

Organisations are increasingly looking to security analytics to help identify suspicious events and behaviours. While it is common to assume that breach detection via security analytics is a straightforward matter of sending logs to a server for analysis, though, the reality is not so simple. Comprehensive logs are indeed the essential raw material for [...]

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Cloud Access Management – The Human Factor

Cloud adoption is now near universal: 93% of organisations use cloud services. The benefits, including ease of access, pay-as-you-go pricing and quick time to value, are well known. There are also challenges, though. As organisations expand cloud utilisation, there is often an inexorable spiralling of management and usage complexity, directly related to the human [...]

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Insider Threats – Three Things to Know

Insider threats are tricky. With most security solutions designed primarily to keep the bad guys out, addressing attacks which originate inside your organisation demands a new mindset and different technology. There’s no doubt that insider threats are an issue. In a study of over 5,000 organisations around the world, Kaspersky Lab and B2B International [...]

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The Modern Approach To Datacentre Security

With the increase in the use of applications, connected and mobile devices, enterprises are constantly facing a surge in cyber threats. The attackers, meanwhile, are using more sophisticated methods to hack into systems, penetrate networks and steal data. Data breaches can cost firms thousands if not millions in fines – let alone the costs [...]

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MTI Security Alert Subscription: 770 million Passwords Made Available

The largest dump of compromised email addresses and passwords ever made publicly available was discovered a few days ago on a popular web site used for illegal file sharing. Just over 770 million passwords are in the dump and are thought to be the combination of data obtained from a plethora of compromises spanning from [...]

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Cloud Essentials – Visibility & Control

Security is a key challenge for any organisation employing cloud services and applications, and one that cannot be met by traditional security tools and strategies designed for on-premise environments and technology. The right tools to provide visibility into cloud activities and resources, and security protecting users, assets and the business against diverse threats on [...]

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Cloud Usage – Are You Flying Blind?

The adoption of cloud services has been near-universal, and both swift and unrelenting in nature. It’s not hard to see why. Cloud makes powerful tools and resources easily available to all, on a wide variety of devices, wherever users can connect to the Internet. Ubiquitous, easy access to powerful technology, as and when it [...]

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NCSC Warns Of Rising Office 365 Account Compromises

What is happening? NCSC recently published an Advisory regarding several incidents involving compromise of Office 365 user accounts within the UK and using them in targeted supply chain attacks. To be clear, this is not a vulnerability in Office 365.  NCSC are highlighting that O365 users are being increasingly targeted by attackers given its [...]

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