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HCI and the IT Staff and Resourcing Challenge

Here’s the second article in our series of five on the challenges and opportunities facing IT teams considering Hyper-Converged Infrastructure (HCI) for datacentre modernisation. In this article, we’ll explore the issue of IT staffing and resourcing. Recruitment and retention have long been challenging for CIOs. Significant skills shortages in technology, and IT, in particular, [...]

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Prepare for Disaster!

A robust Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BC/DR) strategy is a basic essential in today’s commercial environment. BC/DR plans vary in detail from business to business, sector to sector and department to department, but typically feature the same principal components. This commonality is useful when creating your BC/DR plan. Focusing on a set of [...]

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Building Business Value with HCI

Users and clients alike increasingly demand ever greater speed, agility and cost efficiency of organisations of all types and sizes. Such demands map near-directly to the need for increased flexibility, scalability and adaptability in IT, across the datacentre and beyond. Hyper-Converged Infrastructure (HCI) can be highly effective in helping achieve such goals, supporting a [...]

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Choosing the Right Enterprise File System

CIOs today face a gathering storm of data challenges arising from an unstoppable deluge of new data, compounded by vast tracts of unstructured legacy data, often dating all the way back to the organisation’s launch. To cut business risk, support better, faster decision making, enable robust data governance and improve operational efficiency while making [...]

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The Enterprise Data Storm

In the first article in this blog series, we looked at some of the challenges facing CIOs in relation to enterprise data storage. In this article, we’ll explore these challenges in more detail. CIOs, seeking to deliver agility, improved operational efficiency, support for mobile and cloud platforms and services, and reduced costs, are facing [...]

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The Enterprise Storage High-Wire

Today’s CIOs have diverse, often apparently conflicting objectives. They must cut business risk, support better, faster decision making, and ensure robust data governance is put in place and maintained. They must support improved operational efficiency by cutting cycle times, for example for application provisioning, and product and service launches. While addressing all of these, [...]

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The Hybrid IT Recovery Challenge – Four Key Considerations

Hybrid IT offers organisations attractive benefits, including the ability to closely align technology platforms with workloads, and precisely meet the specific needs of diverse audiences. Such benefits, properly exploited, can pay huge dividends in customer satisfaction, brand equity and PR, as well as in their effect on sales and profits. However, as organisations rely [...]

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Datacentre Modernisation: Welcome to the Jungle

We may not wear pith helmets or have to hack our way through actual jungles, but as IT professionals today, we’re every bit as much breaking new ground, facing unknown threats and charting courses through unknown territory as our outward-bound Victorian forebears. Cloud adoption is happening, right now. New security threats present themselves on [...]

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Are You Hosting a Sensitive Data Pick-n-Mix?

“How safe is my data?” is among the more critical questions for organisations today. That’s concerning because recent research has shown that huge amounts of sensitive information continue to be exposed to insider threats, ransomware and other risks. This is despite the known, significant, potential consequences of such data falling into the wrong hands [...]

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Avoiding the Security Analytics Pitfalls

Organisations are increasingly looking to security analytics to help identify suspicious events and behaviours. While it is common to assume that breach detection via security analytics is a straightforward matter of sending logs to a server for analysis, though, the reality is not so simple. Comprehensive logs are indeed the essential raw material for [...]

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