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Ensure Employees Are The First Line Of Defence In Your Cyber Resilience Plan

It’s often said that people are your organisation’s weakest link, and that’s true up to a point. But with the right employee training, they could also be a great first line of defence. When combined with the right security tools, techniques and processes, you could do enough to deter all but the most determined [...]

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How Hackers Can Take Down Critical Energy Systems Through The Internet?

Energy and water are two of the most central critical infrastructures (CIs). Both sectors have undergone necessary changes to reflect the latest in technology and improve how natural resources are harnessed and distributed. At present, these changes are heading toward more interconnected systems, especially through the integration of industrial internet of things (IIoT) technologies. This continuing [...]

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600,000 breached company email credentials available on dark web

Latest News Recently it has been discovered that over 600,000 breached company email credentials from the UK’s leading construction, architecture and property firms are readily available on the dark web. Of the email credentials available, more than 450,000 of the breached credentials were from the UK’s leading construction firms. 110,000 were linked to top [...]

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Threat Spotlight: Account Takeover Incidents Widespread for Phishing campaign

Account takeover incidents, where attackers steal the credentials of employees and use them to send emails from the user's real account, are increasing in frequency and magnitude.  In this Threat Spotlight, we take a closer look at the motives and demographics behind these attacks. Highlighted Threat:  Account Takeover – attackers attempt to steal [...]

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How to execute a cloud first strategy for file storage?

How do I get my files from on-premises to the cloud?  Should I go hybrid or full cloud?  Which one is right for my company? What are the steps? Many companies are far down the road of putting applications and compute resources in the cloud, but haven’t yet considered the impact a cloud-first strategy [...]

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The 6 Things To Consider Before You Refresh Your Infrastructure

6 vSAN Success Factors When planning a new vSAN infrastructure or upgrading or extending an existing environment, many organisations favour vSAN, VMware’s software-defined storage (SDS) solution for hyper-converged infrastructures. It is not unusual to assume that vSAN’s capabilities render hardware a matter of secondary importance. This is a serious mistake: the performance, scalability and [...]

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How to Address Email Gaps in Office 365

The Email Features in Office 365 May Not Be All You Need... Businesses continue moving their productivity platforms to Microsoft Office 365™ in droves. As of their April 2018 earnings announcement, Microsoft said over 135 million business users worldwide are now on Office 365. While the move to the cloud represents potential savings for [...]

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IT Security Vulnerability – Routers, Switches & Firewalls – Latest Blog Post

As part of our extensive penetration testing experience, MTI has identified the eight most common attack vectors found through regular testing. Every organisation today has an IT infrastructure of some kind that supports the operations of a company and processes its data, from basic internet-facing services, such as email and websites to segregated internal [...]

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Office 365 and Email Security – Mimecast

Is Moving To The Cloud The Right Time To Rethink Your Email Security Strategy? In Partnership With Mimecast Microsoft Office 365™ is fast becoming the standard platform for organizations across the globe, with 135 million business users worldwide as Microsoft’s April 2018 earnings announcement. With a move to Office [...]

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MTI Nominated for Security VAR of the Year

31 Aug 2018 CRN have just announced that MTI has been shortlisted for the prestigious CRN Security VAR of the Year Award. The judges confirmed a record number of entries for this year’s awards, but MTI is one of only three shortlisted for the Security VAR of the Year category. [...]

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