Deep Security for the Hybrid Era

Multi-platform, hybrid, virtualised datacentres. Cloud and multi-cloud. Microservices-based applications. Containers. DevOps automation. The array of IT infrastructure innovations currently being adopted, at pace and at scale, is extensive. Together, they amount to a completely new infrastructure paradigm demanding a root-and-branch reconsideration of security architecture.

In this brave new hybrid world, porting traditional endpoint security solutions to servers is no longer adequate. Security architectures must be able to protect write-once, run anywhere applications with temporal virtual network boundaries, and deliver automation able to scale with the organisation’s IT infrastructure.

Organisations need simultaneous protection for on-premise platforms, across private and public clouds, and for containers. They need a security solution which integrates seamlessly with their DevOps CI/CD toolchain, able to secure images and containers before they reach runtime in the production environment.

Deep Security

Powerful, streamlined and automated, Trend Micro Deep Security has been designed from the outset for hybrid cloud and containers. Delivering the most complete blend of protections available, it intelligently applies the optimal technique for the circumstance at hand and gives IT and Security teams the centralised visibility and management capability they so desperately need, while also providing the enhanced automation simplicity demanded by DevOps.

Breadth of Coverage

Modern IT infrastructures run on-premise and in multiple public and private clouds, with bare metal and virtual servers, and container-based applications, so Trend Micro Deep Security provides outstanding breadth of coverage. It protects every Windows version since 2003, most commercial Unix platforms, thousands of Linux kernels, virtualisation platforms such as VMware, HyperV and Xen, and cloud IaaS including AWS, Azure and VMware.

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Depth of Coverage

Deep Security also delivers exceptional depth of coverage, protecting servers with vulnerability scanning, anti-malware, Intrusion Detection and Prevention (IDS/IPS) virtual patching, firewalls, application controls, FIM, log inspection, and Endpoint Detection and response (EDR). Container environments are protected by complete CI/CD  integration, anti-malware, IDS/IPS, FIM, log inspection, and container control plane protection.

Built for Cloud

Purpose-built for cloud, Deep Security is available in online marketplaces with the pricing models customers expect. It offers various cloud-specific security benefits, including IaaS toolset integration, orchestration, automation, and protection for auto-scaled workloads across hybrid and multi-cloud environments. For hybrid-cloud infrastructures, Deep Security simultaneously protects multiple public or private cloud environments, including virtualised datacentres.


With full RESTful APIs, Deep Security enables the automation of deployment, policies, reporting, investigation, health status monitoring and more, using the Security and DevOps teams’ existing tools.

Container Security

Deep Security delivers complete protection at all stages in the container life-cycle, from image build to runtime. Custom policies can be set to ensure compliance requirements are met. Images can be secured earlier without impairing DevOps teams’ ability to deliver on time.

At runtime, Deep Security works seamlessly to protect containers at multiple layers of the application stack, as well as providing security for containers and even containerised applications.

Consistent Interface

Despite this broad spread of capabilities, Deep Security is a unified, integrated platform, providing all its functionality through a single consistent user interface, or via RESTful APIs for seamless integration into application architectures.

It’s time to consign point security solutions, designed for yesterday’s infrastructure architectures, to history.

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