Datacentre Modernisation – It’s All About the Software

Faster. It’s a word for our time, characteristic of diverse aspects of business. Everything moves more quickly today than it did yesterday, driven by fierce competition to be first to market and a relentless stream of technological advances that enable the ever more rapid execution of virtually everything.

In few arenas is this more evident than enterprise IT. Even as new models and architectures emerge, business demands continue to rise inexorably. IT must deliver new capabilities faster, stay on top of the maintenance and updating of existing infrastructure, and at the same time build a robust, fit-for-purpose, future-proof cloud strategy.

The Datacentre Modernisation Journey

Many organisations today find themselves part way along a datacentre modernisation journey.

Server virtualisation is typically well established, delivering huge efficiency, performance and cost benefits. However, more traditional, hardware-centric strategies often prevail in storage and networking systems, with their attendant costs, management complexity and lack of flexibility in the face of today’s user demands.

It’s time for the software-centric approach to be extended to every part of the datacentre. Only by following a similar path for storage and networking to that already taken for compute can IT deliver the performance, flexibility, value for money and speed of delivery that today’s business environments demand.

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Adopting Modern Infrastructure

It’s no surprise, then, that across multiple sectors, organisations are adopting modern datacentre infrastructure as key to their journey towards a truly Software-Defined Datacentre (SDDC).

Many are using VMware’s Hyper-converged Infrastructure (HCI) systems as building blocks. In fact, IDC projects growth in such systems between 2015 and 2019 of no less than 64% .

HCI offers a secure foundation on which a SDDC may be built at the right pace for the organisation. Simple and highly efficient, it is flexible enough to adapt to technology changes. It removes silos, ending the separation of functions so prevalent in hardware-centric infrastructures, and supports the provision of storage on demand, ending the need for over-provisioning.

Read our latest guide on Secure HCI and understand the key challenges and considerations for securing hyper-converged infrastructure

Multiple Benefits Across the Datacentre

In a modern datacentre infrastructure, the multiple benefits of virtualisation are leveraged across compute, storage and networking, enabling the creation of a true SDDC, composed of cost-effective, highly scalable building blocks, with all systems managed through a common interface.

HCI enables the seamless extension of virtualisation into the storage arena, keeping hardware options open with the widest choice of server vendors, and minimising risk by using existing tools, skill sets and solutions.

Leveraging server-side economics and affordable flash technology, Software-Defined Storage can cut TCO in half. More broadly, automated installation, configuration, provisioning and life cycle management across the infrastructure stack offer significant management simplification and OpEx savings.

As well as cutting risk, simplifying IT management and reducing costs, a modern datacentre infrastructure provides an open path to the future, facilitating scaling up or down, in or out, as future needs dictate. Critically, a common storage platform for on and off-premise applications enables and simplifies cloud adoption.

VMware and the SDDC

VMware supports two approaches to datacentre modernisation.

An Integrated Infrastructure Platform – VMware Cloud Foundation – may be deployed, providing a unified SDDC infrastructure platform for hybrid cloud. Alternatively, VMware vSphere allows for an evolutionary approach to modern infrastructure, beginning with storage virtualisation and adding further components at the pace that best suits the organisation.

VMware’s solutions support all leading server vendors, eliminating hardware lock-in and allowing organisations to use a variety of hardware platforms without having to implement new hardware solutions to support them.

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