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Security is a key challenge for any organisation employing cloud services and applications, and one that cannot be met by traditional security tools and strategies designed for on-premise environments and technology.

The right tools to provide visibility into cloud activities and resources, and security protecting users, assets and the business against diverse threats on multiple attack vectors, are essential.

In this article, we explore the findings of the Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) in their hands-on evaluation of Forcepoint Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB). ESG looked at how Forcepoint CASB secures cloud application usage across users and endpoints, provides visibility into both applications and users, identifies and assesses potential risks associated with cloud applications, and automates threat prevention and policy enforcement.

Discovery and Visibility

ESG highlighted the importance of Forcepoint CASB’s discovery and visibility capabilities – the manual examination of security logs by analysts is impractical given the sheer number of locations, interfaces, and devices employed by users as they access cloud apps, at all times of day and night.

Forcepoint CASB employs User and Entity Behaviour Analysis (UEBA) to give analysts comprehensive, real-time visibility of all user activity across all cloud apps. A summarised view of user activity allows potentially dangerous activity to be identified swiftly, accelerating threat response.

User activity can be viewed with reference to a single cloud app, or across all cloud apps. From the summary, analysts can drill down into the detail on specific anomalies.

Risk Assessment and Management

Forcepoint CASB reveals the location of critical data and who currently has access rights to it. A summary of sensitive data types in the organisation’s various cloud apps allows analysts to easily determine potential data loss and compliance issues, creating policies to ensure only the right people can access each data type.

This real-time view of cloud-based sensitive data reduces the time and resources that would otherwise be needed to construct such a view, releasing analysts to focus on creating controls to combat data loss and improve compliance.

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Protection and Control

Cloud apps are accessible anywhere, at any time, so IT must protect against threats at diverse access points.

Forcepoint CASB allows analysts to protect against unauthorised cloud app access based on real-time analysis of parameters such as geography, app suite component, device type and status. Unauthorised account takeovers and malicious access attempts can also be tracked and mitigated.

Analysts can easily establish rules to minimise unauthorised cloud app access attempts. They can control, according to device and location, how users access cloud apps, and how they register their personal devices to access apps.

These capabilities empower analysts to implement controls more quickly and easily, facilitating better protection for the organisation. Attacks can be prevented with less time and effort, reducing costs as well as improving overall organisational security.

The Highlights

ESG found that Forcepoint CASB helps security analysts quickly identify risky user activity in the cloud, in real time, and enables them to take immediate action to minimise threats. It accelerates threat response and improves data compliance, reducing the danger of attacks occurring and propagating.

With extensive cloud app usage discovery and visibility capabilities, Forcepoint CASB allows analysts to take inventory of sensitive data types shared by cloud users, summarising the organisation’s risk profile. It enables the enacting of protections and controls over access to cloud apps, and against data loss.

ESG concludes, “If your organisation has deployed or is planning to deploy any cloud app, your organisation would do well to take a close look at Forcepoint CASB to secure its usage.” Download your copy of the full ESG report on Forcepoint CASB, here.

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