MTI Response to the Coronavirus pandemic

On 26th January 2020 MTI added Coronavirus to the company’s Business Continuity risk register and implemented a set of risk management and risk monitoring measures.

On 11th March 2020 due to the escalation of the situation, MTI invoked its Business Continuity Plan and the Infectious Disease protocol from its Health and Safety policy.

MTI convened the Covid-19 Working Group, which includes the executive team and key members of management from across the organisation in all its locations. MTI’s Chief Operating Officer was designated as the Major Incident Response Lead.

The Covid-19 Working Group defined three priorities for its response to Covid-19:

  • Protect the Health and Safety of our staff, our customers and suppliers, our families and our community
  • Protect MTI so it can continue to provide secure jobs, high quality products and services to customers and a route to market for partners
  • Protect jobs – recognise employees as our best asset

The Working Group manages a detailed risk register, including actions and monitoring to ensure effective response to changes in the situation.

MTI has kept employees up to date daily with the latest information and advice from relevant government and public health authorities.

All MTI locations have been provided with appropriate hygiene supplies, company communication and signage to ensure that the guidelines to avoid community infection are met.

Home Working

Under the Business Continuity Plan, MTI has moved over 90% of staff to home working. Where a role could not be performed from home, a risk assessment was carried out to ensure that the role was essential and that the risk of infection could be minimised.

The transfer to home working was carried out in line with the Business Continuity Plan and with no significant issues. MTI are confident that this way of working can continue for the foreseeable future, again without significant issues.

As part of the team’s commitment to health and safety, including mental health, MTI is providing members of the team with the appropriate additional support required when working at home for a prolonged period.

MTI’s home working systems are secure, staff have been provided with advice and information on ensuring that home working remains secure.

MTI staff are not travelling internationally and other than the roles described above there is no domestic business travel. All MTI staff are required to meet the restrictions on movement and socialisation in place in their locality.

MTI is taking all necessary steps to ensure that it can continue to provide its products and services to customers throughout this period. It is working with customers to support their own requirements at this time, and is working with its supply chain to assure timely supply.

MTI is reviewing risks, issues and its response daily and is producing weekly reporting to measure impacts and consider when to implement mitigating steps.

MTI is confident that the impact in the supply chain will be limited to the ability to provide hardware, based on production issues within high risk countries. MTI is satisfied that manufacturers have robust contingency plans in place to ensure product supply.

MTI does not currently consider that Covid-19 or the steps being taken to contain or slow its spread, puts MTI or the services MTI provides to its customers at significant risk.

Ben Cranham

Chief Operating Officer