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Vulnerability Management

Finding and prioritising the sheer volume of network's vulnerabilities, and then ensuring that they are fixed, is a nearly impossible task that can leave your organisation exposed. Implementing vulnerability management solutions to discover and assess vulnerabilities, and maintain system configurations will ensure secure environments, saving you time and money. Without an effective vulnerability management solution, your organisation will always be at risk.

MTI Vulnerability Management: Overview

MTI is a leader in providing vulnerability management solutions that enable companies to effectively manage the entire vulnerability lifecycle. Working with leading vendor technologies, MTI can help companies consolidate vulnerability and remediation data with centralized policy enforcement and compliance reporting across the entire network.

Vulnerability Management: Challenges & Issues

According to Gartner Research, over 90% of cyber attacks exploit known security flaws for which remediation is available. Therefore effective vulnerability and patch management should be on every company’s to-do list. However, in today’s economy, organisations are forced to maintain a secure IT environment while keeping operating costs low.

MTI understand this creates a challenge for enterprises, especially in light of an increasing number of remote employees who reduce the organisation’s visibility into the network and control over the devices that are brought in and out of the environment. MTI provide solutions that deliver the right balance between effectively addressing network security and the constantly changing environment while keeping a low total cost of ownership.

Vulnerability Management: Expertise

MTI’s core security expertise is based on over 15 years experience delivering Vulnerability Management solutions to thousands of clients addressing all IT security issues. Over this period, MTI has invested heavily in developing pre-sale and support teams to offer customers the highest levels of security solutions for their data, networks and employees. MTI understand each organisation is different, and with a highly skilled team of consultants, MTI engage with clients at every level. MTI’s business is built on the follow key capabilities:

  • Customer focus and service
  • Industry knowledge and best-practice
  • Proven track record
  • Specialist in-house expertise and knowledge
  • Strong historic vendor relationships

Vulnerability Management: Key Partners

A history of strong vendor relationships enables MTI to deliver world class solutions. MTI are proud to deliver Vulnerability Management solutions in partnership with Lumension, Assuria and Trend Micro.

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