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Security Information & Event Management (SIEM)

Solutions for security information and event management (SIEM) are becoming a must-have component of an organisation’s security infrastructure, playing an important role in threat detection, incident response, forensics and security related compliance. Until recently, SIEM systems have been deployed primarily for compliance purposes. But today security teams need a SIEM system which is tuned to the needs of security without sacrificing ease of compliance.

MTI SIEM: Overview

MTI is a leader in providing centralised log-management solutions that enables organisations to regain control of their IT infrastructure, comply with regulatory standards, simplify their compliance programs and optimize their security-incident management. Working with best of breed vendor technologies, MTI can deliver solutions to facilitate the automated collection, analysis, alerting, auditing, reporting, and secure storage of all logs.

SIEM: Challenges & Issues

Security organisations need a SIEM system that can handle a much greater variety and volume of data, while also providing security investigators with analytic tools that quickly lead them to their most pressing security issues. To be truly prepared, security teams also need actionable threat intelligence covering the latest tools, techniques, and procedures in use by the global attacker community. Organisations which process sensitive and confidential information also face conflicting pressures to keep this data secure and yet to allow access by authorised users. MTI are ideally placed to help control and monitor your physical and virtual IT infrastructure to protect critical information and data privacy, improve operational efficiency and maintain compliance with regulatory standards.

SIEM: Expertise

MTI’s core security expertise is based on 15+ years experience delivering solutions to thousands of clients addressing all IT security issues. Over this period, MTI has invested heavily in developing pre-sale and support teams to offer customers the highest levels of security solutions for their data, networks and employees. MTI understand each organisation is different, and with a highly skilled team of consultants, MTI engage with clients at every level. MTI’s business is built on the follow key capabilities:

  • Customer focus and service
  • Industry knowledge and best-practice
  • Proven track record
  • Specialist in-house expertise and knowledge
  • Strong historic vendor relationships

SIEM: Key Partners

A history of strong vendor relationships enables MTI to deliver world class solutions. MTI are proud to deliver SIEM solutions in partnership with RSA and Assuria.

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