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Cloud Security

In the last few years, cloud computing has grown from being a promising business concept to one of the fastest growing segments of the IT industry. Today most companies are using or plan to use cloud storage services, but everyone's journey to the cloud will be unique. There are various routes to take as the datacentre evolves from physical to virtual to cloud, but regardless of the approach or where you are in your journey, businesses need a solid security foundation. As you step through the journey, you’ll need protection that spans across all of your platforms – physical, virtual, cloud.

MTI Cloud Security: Overview

With our team of storage and security experts MTI deliver dynamic, adaptive protection for your datacentre and cloud environments. Wherever you are in your journey to the cloud, contact MTI to discuss all the security issues and how to safely leverage your cloud computing services and solutions.

MTI Secure Cloud Storage

MTI has always been at the forefront of new technology trends and this is reflected in the MTI Cloud Storage platform. MTI has the ability to design a bespoke Cloud solution that takes into account all the customers concerns and requirements. Many companies can now offer online storage and backup services, but very few actively engage with the client to find out what they actually require of a Cloud-based storage and computing solution. With a team of highly skilled experts, MTI engage with clients at every level and fully understand each clients unique needs. Find out more about MTI Secure Cloud Storage.

Cloud Security: Challenges & Issues

Organisations are increasingly opting for the cloud to gain fast access to business applications, boost infrastructure resources and enable cost savings with more effective resource usage. Putting applications and data in the cloud is one of the easiest ways to ensure anywhere, anytime access in a world of consumerised mobile devices. But however you use the cloud to improve your business, you’ll face a whole new set of heightened security risks. To maximize the rewards of the cloud without compromising your data privacy and security, MTI can provide protection that reduces your risk while maintaining compliance and controlling costs.

Next steps...

If you would like more information on securing the cloud please contact the MTI team to discuss your requirements.

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