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Identity Management

To meet the challenges of today’s world, competitive companies need to increase their business agility in a secure environment. Businesses now require new methods to manage secure access to information and applications across multiple systems, delivering services to employees, customers and suppliers without compromising security. Companies must be able to trust the identities of users requiring access and easily administer user identities in a cost-effective way.

Identity Management

MTI Identity Management: Overview

MTI are leaders in Identity Manangement, providing solutions to protect and manage users, applications and sensitive information to improve compliance, productivity and protect organisations against insider threats and advanced external threats. Working with best of breed vendor technologies, MTI can help organisations effectively manage and govern datacenter access and activities, whether on-premise, off-premise or in the cloud, while demonstrating returns on security investments.

Identity Management: Challenges & Issues

In today’s environment, organisations spend a great deal of resources building an infrastructure for securing their enterprise, assuring business continuity and meeting compliance requirements. Typical enterprise IT environments are comprised of hundreds or thousands of servers, databases, virtual machines, network devices and applications, all controlled and managed by a variety of shared administrative identities. Identity and access management solutions manage the users and access rights through an integrated, efficient and centralised infrastructure.  

Working with leading vendor technologies, MTI provide organisations with the ability to keep pace with their data, manage access entitlements efficiently and effectively, identify and involve data owners and find and classify sensitive and business critical data.

Identity Management: Expertise

MTI’s core security expertise is based on 15+ years experience delivering solutions to thousands of clients addressing all IT security issues. Over this period, MTI has invested heavily in developing pre-sale and support teams to offer customers the highest levels of security solutions for their data, networks and employees. MTI understand each organisation is different, and with a highly skilled team of consultants, MTI engage with clients at every level. MTI’s business is built on the follow key capabilities:

  • Customer focus and service
  • Industry knowledge and best-practice
  • Proven track record
  • Specialist in-house expertise and knowledge
  • Strong historic vendor relationships

Identity Management: Key Partners

A history of strong vendor relationships enables MTI to deliver world class solutions. MTI are proud to deliver identity and access management solutions in partnership with Cyber-Ark, Varonis, RSA and Imperva.

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