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Web Security

The Web is part of everyday life and is a core business application platform. Today, Internet applications and social networking are used on a daily basis to enable business processes. Unmanaged Internet access presents many challenges and more importantly, unnecessary risk. 92% of attacks originate from the Web and arming your organisation with complete Web security is simply a basic business requirement.

MTI Web Security: Overview

MTI is a leader in delivering, implementing and supporting world-class web security solutions that provide the best protection against modern threats without driving up infrastructure costs. Through years of expertise and strong long-standing relationships with our leading vendor partners, MTI can help you to simply protect your organisation from Web attacks whilst empowering your workforce.

MTI’s Web Security solutions from leading vendor partners provide customers with solutions that help control the threats but give employees the tools they need to do their jobs.

Web Security: Challenges & Issues

The Web is the single biggest source of targeted, blended and advanced persistent threats. 92% of attacks originate from the Web and arming your organisation with complete Web security is simply a basic business requirement. However, you need to let employees work online wherever they are, efficiently, without putting your data at risk.

MTI recognise the challenge today is how to stay ahead of the threats and support productivity, all on a tight budget. Working with the best of breed vendor partners, MTI is well positioned to help manage these business challenges.

Web Security: Expertise

MTI’s core security expertise is based on over 15 years experience delivering IT security solutions to thousands of clients addressing all data security issues. Over this period, MTI has invested heavily in developing pre-sale and support skills to offer customers the very best in information infrastructure security solutions. Each organisation is different, and with a highly skilled team of consultants, MTI fully understand client needs and engage with customers at every level. MTI’s business is built on the follow key capabilities:

  • Customer focus and service
  • Industry knowledge and best-practice
  • Proven track record
  • Specialist in-house expertise and knowledge
  • Strong historic vendor relationships

Web Security: Key Partners

A history of strong vendor relationships enables MTI to deliver world class web security solutions. MTI’s vendor partnerships stretch beyond the standard with high levels of accreditations. One of MTI’s strongest relationships in the security arena is with Websense. MTI were their first UK partners and have worked with them for over 10 years.

MTI are proud to deliver Web Security solutions in partnership with Websense, WatchGuard, Sophos, Imperva and Trend Micro.

Next steps...

If you would like more information regarding web security please contact MTI to discuss your requirements. You may also be interested in Mobile Device Security.

Featured Solution

Websense Web Security

Websense Web security solutions inspect inbound and outbound content, protecting organizations of every size against dynamic Web malware, preventing sensitive data loss, and enhancing employee productivity. A database of over 90 customizable Web categories, including constantly updated security categories, enables organisations worldwide to manage acceptable use policy and block access to sites associated with spyware, phishing, keylogging and other threats.

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