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Today working practices are changing and organisations have to become more flexible with how they allow people to work and crucially how they access their data - an organisations most critical asset. But data remains only as secure as the encryption keys and certificates that safeguard it. Companies need solutions that combat new security threats and address compliance by protecting data as it is used across datacenters, mobile devices, public and private clouds.


MTI Encryption: Overview

MTI is a trusted expert in delivering world-class encryption solutions. Today digital information is an organisations most critical asset, which makes protecting it a strategic business need as it is used across datacenters, public and private clouds and mobile devices. MTI offer a range of solutions that can securely encrypt data, whether at rest or in motion. MTI also provide solutions which automate the provisioning, discovery and monitoring of encryption assets across mixed environments—from the datacenter to the cloud and beyond.

Through our years of expertise and strong, long-standing relationships with our vendor partners, you can trust MTI to help you discover effective encryption solutions that provide robust, system-wide security that's safe, simple, and affordable to deploy.

Encryption: Challenges & Issues

The need for data to become more and more accessible wherever the employee works is increasing but so has the need to ensure that information is secure. As more and more sensitive data is digitised and regulatory requirements become increasingly stringent, organisations face the challenge of securing and protecting their data against unauthorised access, tampering and loss – wherever it goes.

MTI is well positioned to deliver easy to manage technologies that enable businesses to avoid costly data breaches, eliminate data security barriers to the cloud, control rising costs, and ensure only the right people see the right data at the right time.

Encryption: Expertise

MTI’s core security expertise is based on over 15 years experience delivering IT security solutions to thousands of clients addressing all data security issues. Over this period, MTI has invested heavily in developing pre-sale and support skills to offer customers the very best in information infrastructure security solutions. Each organisation is different, and with a highly skilled team of consultants, MTI fully understand client needs and engage with customers at every level. MTI’s business is built on the follow key capabilities:

  • Customer focus and service
  • Industry knowledge and best-practice
  • Proven track record
  • Specialist in-house expertise and knowledge
  • Strong historic vendor relationships

Encryption: Key Partners

A history of strong vendor relationships enables MTI to deliver world class solutions. MTI are proud to deliver encryption security solutions in partnership with Voltage, Becrypt, Cryptzone, Cyber-Ark and Venafi.

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