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Jun 2015
09:00 AM

Scot-Cloud 2015

Location Our Dynamic Earth, Edinburgh

Cloud computing has been hyped as one of the key transformative technologies of recent times, praised for its potential to support greater organisational agility while providing predictable, utility-style costing models. But with a variety of architecture options and an increasing number of supplier solutions on the market there remains a lot of confusion around Cloud-based services.

Scot-Tech’s 2nd Annual Scot-Cloud Conference will consider how to match business requirement with the most appropriate solution, distinguishing between public, private and hybrid Cloud services and assessing how these respective models impact: security, reliability and control. The explosion of Cloud based applications will also be a key point of focus, and we will consider the value of apps in helping to facilitate greater productivity, flexibility and collaboration.

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Thu Jun 18 2015 - 9:00 AM

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